Tom Hiddleston makes a rare comment on his rumored engagement to Zawe Ashton…

Actor, who is 41 years old, provided a rare statement on his relationship with his fiancée Zawe Ashton, as, typically, he does not speak publicly about his fiancée or their relationship.

“I’m quite delighted,” Hiddleston remarked.

In the play Betrayal, which ran on Broadway for three years, the two actors portrayed a married couple, however, they did not meet each other until the production was in its early stages in London, before it moved to New York City.

According to the recollection of an insider, “they were extremely secretive publicly, but behind the scenes you could really sense a great relationship.”

“Due to the fact that they were both British citizens living overseas, they would often get together.

Both Zawe and Tom shown a tremendous deal of care for one another, and you could even detect a trace of that emotion in their performance together onstage”.

Hiddleston portrayed the role of Robert, a man whose wife Emma (played by Ashton) is having an affair with his closest friend Jerry in the film Betrayal.

When the two made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Tony Awards in September 2021, where he was nominated for an award, they also disclosed that they were dating at the same time.

On the red carpet of the 2022 BAFTA Awards, Ashton was seen holding hands with the Loki star while also displaying the engagement ring she had just received.

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