Video: The stranger decided to surprise deaf delivery guy and it turned out to change his life…

Each of us has been gifted with free will, and it is just our responsibility to use it wisely and to be good to someone today in our lives.

This situation was caught on tape, and it shows a guy pleasantly surprise a delivery driver with a message and some cash just when he needed it the most, as you can see from footage.

We’re not sure what drove the guy to go the additional mile, but it demonstrated that he was sincere in his desire to make a difference in the life of that delivery driver by going the extra mile.

The response of the delivery guy to that gesture of goodwill was something that will remain in his memory for a lifetime.

Upon seeing the gift that the stranger had left for him, the deaf man seemed clearly affected.

He went on a quest for the doorbell camera and performed the kindest thing imaginable in the process.

He began signing to the owner, informing him that he loved it and was really thankful to him for his generosity.

He addressed him as his angel and expressed his gratitude for the present, which he described as particularly meaningful at this time since his mother had just passed away and the money would come in useful to cover the costs.

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