When the couple woke up, they found a stranger dog sleeping next to them in their bed…

One of neighborhood dogs managed to sneak into the bed of the neighbors and position itself directly in the center of the sleeping wife and husband.

At the very beginning of the month of May, when Julie Thornton Johnson got up in the morning, she discovered something that she had not been anticipating finding.

An unfamiliar enormous brown dog was snoring and cuddling up next to her in her bed. Neither she nor her husband, Jimmy, had ever seen the dog before.

Because the Johnsons had their own three puppies, Zeppelin, Hollis, and Jupiter, who occasionally sleep on the bed with the humans when they do, the two humans took a second take when they realized that none of the dogs were there.

“My husband said, ‘Julie. Whose dog is this, exactly? After I turned over, we both simply stared at each other for the first ten seconds of the silence that followed.”

Julie and Jimmy were taken aback by the unexpected guest, but all the dog needed was some warmth and cuddles, so the pair cooperated with its requests.

Despite the fact that she had been startled by the unexpected guest, her husband Jimmy, who loves all living things and is known as “the calm in our home,” took it upon himself to join the sleeping pupper, cuddling up with her as if she were one of their own and acting as though she was a member of their family.

Julie said that “the way he handled the issue was great and very comical looking back,”.

One mystery remained, despite the dog’s endearing appearance and kind demeanor: to whom did it belong?

They reasoned that the dog must have ventured outdoors when the storm was raging, looking for a safe spot to take shelter from the elements. The storm was pretty intense outside. The couple realized too late that they had left the back door to their house.

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